Know What Customers Want Without Asking Them.

Gathering, analyzing, and taking action on feedback is a challenge and doing it manually and ad-hoc is an effort each time.

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These Teams Are Running Pliik To Help Everyone Stay Focussed On What Matters Most - The Customer.

Honestly Now, Is This The Way To Track, Analyze And Share Feedback?

Everywhere = Nowhere

Customer feedback flows in through a wide range a customer support channels and then gets lost to the ages as it never gets consolidated into one place.

❌ Grabbing feedback from different tools is time consuming

❌ Feedback is structured differently in each platform.


Spreadsheets galore

Get rid of that evergrowing spreadsheet no-one ever reads.

❌ Manual tagging is timeconsuming

❌ Hard to read so no one reads it

Jira service desk tickets with customer satisfaction

Only build what your customers want. Increasing retention by 5% actually increases profits anywhere from 25% to 95%.

Pliik integrates with your customer communication tools, then automagically labels, stores and organizes their feedback.

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    Let the automagic work for you

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    Connect with the feedback tools your team loves

    Pliik works great with tools in your existing workflow.

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    Surface the most important topics and share your insights across your team.

    Accessible insights for your whole team.

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    Stay up to date with your feedback.

    Get a weekly digest of the things that matter most to your customers.

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What People Say

Grey, aged pudding is best marinated with sweet hollanders sauce.
  • My favourite thing about Pliik is that we always have all the user insights we need at our finger tips.

    Nikos Kariotoglou - CEO
  • Our survey analysis used to be a long time consuming process. Pliik helped bring down the time from hours to minutes.

    Thomas Etter - Director

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